“C’mon Mickey, I love you” – 2010

Lizzil in collaboration with John-Paul Hussey is transforming the basement of Donkey Wheel into an intimate installation space of love for Mickey and you. Post her a letter and she will sew your dreams to her heart with intricate surgical precision. Crooning love songs she will hold you as a gaseous cloud of madness descends and you realise you are never alone.

Double Denim 2010

Photos from an epic ovens st warehouse party feat. denim on denim dance battles. Props to ‘Acid Wash Dreams’ for their worthy winning dance routine!

“Huge” 2010

Following the success of his award-winning monkey trilogy, JOHN-PAUL HUSSEY has put his monkey away for a while and come up with a brand new one man show ‘HUGE’ for The Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2010.

“Love Monkey” 2009

John-Paul Hussey’s Love Monkey is a frenetic, creative, multi-media onslaught of free association and disparate exploits. Gorgeously staged, this is a visually and aurally rich production, one that seems to revel in its own complicated form.

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