Timestack processing

Below are a series of works which are the result of a special custom processing technique that i’ve been developing the last few years & have recently been able to write it into an action script which I plan to one day make available to the public.

I’m obsessed with the notion of time in photography; i see it as the 4th dimension of a work. By shooting multiple; sometimes hundreds; even thousands, images I am able to compress large amounts of time into a single work. Traffic naturally works well with this, so i’ve incorporated this into my landscape to better illustrate the effect.

& this filter isn’t perfect, it throws up all kinds of little quirky errors, but I do find the work it produces really does hold the viewers attention.

bangkok traffic

Jacana Ring Road Melbourne Tunnel Light Trail TSE 17mm Pixelwhip stack-

southern cross flow LR WM-1



MELBOURNE_big city light trail_PIXELWHIP_stack LR WM-

Melbourne_yarra_docklands_charles_grimes_bridge_pixelwhip_Stack LR WM-

HUME HIGHWAY pixelwhip custom enfused stack-

MELBOURNE OUTER RING ROAD  pixelwhip custom enfused stack-

Jacana Ring Road Melbourne Light Trail TSE 17mm f4 custom Pixelwhip stack-

Bell street

Jacana Ring Road Melbourne Light Trail ND400 TSE 35mm f2.8 custom Pixelwhip stack-2


INFRARED Jacana Ring Road Melbourne Light Trail ND400 TSE 35mm EOS-M Pixelwhip stack-

flinder street

flinders street station

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