Bronze prize – Epson Pano Awards 2013

So I was awarded a bronze prize for my entry in this years Epson pano awards with my last minute entry. Happy to get this, but next year I plan to do better.

pixelwhip mark burban bronze prize epson pano awards 2013

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GPO Melbourne lit in Purple – flow series

Photographers in Melbourne may be interested to know that the old GPO on Bourke street is now lit up with purple lights. So I stopped & spent some time gathering some shots for my ‘flow’ series. It’s an interesting intersection; I’ll certainly be revisiting & seeing If I can get some more interesting shots.

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psychedelic patterns captured on the skin of soap bubbles

After much excitement photographing psychedelic bubbles yesterday, today I decided to go one step further (thanks to a friends suggestion) & capture a video of this fascinating event.

& here it is.. If you like, please share; as i’ve hidden a subliminal message inside that will, if successful, bring about world peace.

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Getrude Street Projection Festival 2013 photos

There was a break in the wet weather tonight so I was able to return to the Annual Gertrude Street Projection Festival in Fitzroy to get more shots of these amazing bright projections being beamed onto the council flats & other buildings.

Shot with canon 5d2 & TSE 17mm f/4. lens; because these projections were only up for about 10 seconds, I had to work fast, so I shot in a higher ISO than usual & only bracketed 3 exposures -/+ 2 stops of a 2″ base exposure. — at Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.

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First Prize Winner – Gertrude Street Projection Festival Exhibition

I’m pleased to announce that the image below of mine won first prize @ gertrude street projection festival exhibtion 2012. It came as a total surprise as I never really expect to win any competitions; i’m just happy to have my work shown.

First prize, Gertrude Street Projection festival 2013 exhibition.
First prize, Gertrude Street Projection festival 2013 exhibition.


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