Lou Mclaren

Lou Mclaren is a professional makeup artist and hair stylist with an extensive background in film, television and fashion. Her folio reveals an innate flair for colour, form and shape as well as the perfection of clean and precise technique. Her dedicated approach to makeup design involves a highly collaborative relationship with clients and talent.

Maru Design

maru is the label created by Natalie Shields a Melbourne artist and designer. Our minimalist aesthetic features motifs, and colours influenced by Japanese, Scandinavian, and mid century design. maru products offer a streamlined simplicity, functionality  and affordability of design. We are committed quality and longevity of each piece, all products are manufactured in Australia, and we support local and ethical production.

My Wedding Dance

My Wedding Dance’ is a multi- faceted performance company that specializes in unique wedding choreography, offering professional guidance and teaching that is focussed on expressing the individual and creating a vibrant and memorable wedding experience for it’s clientele.

Saddest Couple in the Universe

As twisted as a Hurdy Gurdy put through a clothes-wringer, Saddest Couple In The Universe have taken their shocking, hilarious and always bizarre brand of theatre to audiences across the globe. Their macabre take on circus, cabaret / sideshow is born from an urge to push these genres and give traditional acts some depth, humour and strangeness.


Earthghost; a high-conservation value property in the beautiful Yarra Valley with an internet presence. We are proud to say it is now protected by a permanent conservation covenant through the Not for Profit organisation Trust for Nature.

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